Saturday, May 14, 2016

Tour of Turkey

The last phase of our journey - two weeks in Turkey on an Intrepid tour. So many of our friends have visited Turkey and raved about it. We chose to tour with Intrepid as we have enjoyed a few tours with the company before:

Intrepid Best of Turkey - 15 days
1,2: Istanbul
3: Bursa
4,5: Selçuk
6: Pamukkale
7,8: Kayakoy
9,10: Kaş
11: Konya
12: Goreme
13: Goreme (Balloon ride)
14: Stay extra night in Goreme
15: Fly Home!

After a day sightseeing in Istanbul we ventured down to Bursa where we wandered innocently around in the markets surrounding the Grand Mosque for a few hours. These are just across the road from our hotel. At 5pm we met at our hotel to go to a nearby tea house. At 5:30 we were sitting in the tea house listening to Turkish folk music when there was a loud explosion that reverberated through the ground. We suspected it was a suicide bomber but continued with our planned activities for the evening. The explosion was just across the road from the hotel so we could not return until things settled down. When we returned to our hotel I was able to sneak upstairs and take some photos. By morning the site was completely sanitised. We were very glad to have a tour guide to tell us what we should do in such circumstances.
From Bursa we travelled down the coast to Antalya and then inland to Cappadocia. The rest of the trip was relatively uneventful. The towns on the coast and the views of the islands and ocean were spectacular. We spent one relaxing day on a boat visiting a few islands.
We were so lucky with the weather for our entire trip. Whilst it was not hot enough for swimming, most days were sunny and there were only a few times when we felt a little chilly or needed an umbrella.
Rather than tell you the details of the last two weeks I'll just show you some photos!
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