Thursday, April 14, 2016


Well our trip so far seems to have gone like a whirlwind. We have been away for three weeks and I have not yet managed to post on the blog

We spent the first few days in Vienna. After travelling for about 34 hours in cars and airports and planes it was amazing to board the train for the trip into the city and see the countryside go by. There was a feeling of "OMG, we're FINALLY here!"

We stayed about 10 minutes walk from the old city and were able to walk in to explore each day. We were surprised at how sunny it was. Perhaps the Viennese were as well because although most of them were still walking around in puffer jackets they were enjoying icecreams and lying on deckchairs on fake beaches (sand pits) along the banks of the canal!! On the second day (after a long sleep!) we met Elisabeth - an online friend of mine - and her husband. They were incredibly kind to show us around their city for two days. It made our visit very special.

We were struck by the number of very large impressive buildings but also by the amount of damage the Allies had done to much of the city during the war. We so rarely hear about the terrible things our own side inflicts on the "enemy", and it now seems so absurd that the "enemy" should include the Viennese.

We were also struck by how well the city prioritises tram and bike transport. There are specific and very safe bike lanes that are on separately paved areas from the road and have their own traffic lights. We could learn a lot from these people!

I still have not had time to thoroughly label and edit my photos so here are just a few.
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