Friday, September 11, 2015

Sri Lanka - Yala

Yala national park was another part of the trip I was looking forward to. It is the main reason I spent a huge amount of money on a new lens for my Olympus OM-D. Not only had the view finder failed meaning I was shooting blind, but on the way to Yala the lens hood fell apart. If I could, I would be tempted to waltz into Olympus and dump all my gear on their counter and demand a refund. However I made do.
We went on a safari the morning after we arrived and saw crocodiles, monkeys, peacocks, solitary elephants,water buffalo and nmerous birds. Brendan was keen to go on an evening safari too in the hope of seeing some of the other a animals - particularly a leopard. Allan and I went with him. As luck would have it we did see a leopard, well... we spied some leopard spots in the undergrowth, but it caused huge excitement and a major jeep traffic jam!

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