Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sri Lanka - Dambulla

Since leaving Colombo we have visited one World Heritage Site after another! Sri Lanka has so much history. Anything since the 1600s is simply recent! The people are wonderful. They are so open and friendly, reminding me a little of the Thai but with the added comfort of more English influence so that many speak English and their towns seem to have more infrastructure such as the management of rubbish than I saw in Thailand and Malaysia.
They don't have much in the way of OH&S, though, causing us much amusement. The roads are very much a work in progress and we seem to spend much more time in our bus bumping up and down and dodging cyclists and tuktuks and weaving in and out of busses in a hairy fashion.
Almost all of us (me included) have had a dose of "Bali belly" (or should that be "Sri Lanka belly"?!) but hopefully all recovered now. On the last day in this area my camera died. The Electronic View Finder failed. I can still take photos but I cannot see that I'm pointing the camera at to compose the shot or set the focus point. This is disappointing to say the least. Luckily I still have my little Olympus tough camera so I can still take photos. It is just not the same.
We have just spent the last three days in Kandy and will post photos from that asap.

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  1. Hey Esther, I tried to comment from my ipad the other night but it wasn't playing the game. So now on the computer. Loving your photos but just sick for you about the camera. I know that taking photos is a huge part of your type of wonderful holiday so just make it work with your other one. You make magic with your camera that us mere mortals could only hope to, so you'll make it work. XX