Tuesday, November 5, 2013

4 Nov - San Diego

We went for a run in the morning. Carol's idea. I felt compelled to join. I soon developed a cramp in my shoulder and started lagging behind. We ran and walked along the wharf area past the Columbian sailing ship, the Midway aircraft carrier and various groups of homeless people. It was almost an hour later when we returned to the Hotel.
After breakfast we headed up to the Zoo via Balboa Park. I knew that there were some things to see in the park but I was very surprised by the architecture of the museums and other buildings lining El Prado avenue. Carol and I were almost beside ourselves with excitement when we heard a group of Navy reservists running towards us with their classic chant. We stumbled across an artisans colony in what looked like an old town. The first stall was run by a guy who makes silver jewellery out of silver wire. It was unique and stunning. Eventually we arrived at the zoo and stayed until closing time. As we wandered back over the bridge to Balboa Park the sun was just setting and we had a brilliant view over the freeway to the city. We stopped to take a bunch of photos.

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  1. The polar bear, wow, didn't know San Diego was cold enough for them ;) Looks like a wonderful place